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an indication of bigger things to come… by Chuck Baclagon
Bright Academy students from Cebu City, Philippines joined blogger Esperanza Garcia and people all over the world to make a 350 statement and take a stand for a safe climate future.

Bright Academy students from Cebu City, joined blogger Esperanza Garcia and people all over the world to make a 350 statement and take a stand for a safe climate future. reported on their website that last 24 October, people in 181 countries came together for the most widespread day of environmental action in the planet’s history. At over 5200 events around the world, people gathered to call for strong action and bold leadership on the climate crisis.

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Solar Generation helps me make a difference by itchywitch

From Solar Generation-Pilipinas

Solar GenerationAt nine o’clock in the morning my phone rang. It was Krissie, a journalist who had been contacting me all the way from Australia. She had a radio show and she wanted to interview me. INTERVIEW. ME. Me of all people! All the way from Australia she called me in the Philippines.

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Um by Chuck Baclagon


After walking 3 days under the scorching sun for the Chang(e) Caravan, I am welcoming the thunder storm that is raging while we seek shelter under the roof of a Buddhist temple at Nakhonratchasima Province in Thailand.

For 15 days, I am part of a team led by Greenpeace that is traveling 250 kilometers through Thailand with 5 majestic Asian elephants from Khao Yai National Park, a world heritage site, to Bangkok, in time for the preparation meeting of the United Nations climate change summit that begins in the end of the month.

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Visiting Mama Sarah Obama by Chuck Baclagon
August 28, 2009, 11:15 am
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From Making Waves

An account of Solar Generation’s trip to Kenya by Abi, Solar Generation Coordinator

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Day 1: Fire & Rain by Chuck Baclagon

“The poor will be hardest hit by weather-related disasters and by soaring price inflation for staple foods, but even the richest nations face the prospect of economic recession and a world in conflict over diminishing resources. Mitigating climate change, eradicating poverty and promoting economic and political stability all demand the same solution: we must kick the carbon habit!”
-Ban Ki Moon, United Nations Secretary General

Today’s world Environment Day and what better way to celebrate it than to open a ‘Climate Defenders Camp’.
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First glimpse of Bali by Chuck Baclagon
November 30, 2007, 4:16 am
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At 30˚C, it’s no ‘white Christmas’, contrary to the songs played on the radio here in Bali, Indonesia. The time is also ‘heating up’ for the upcoming negotiation in the 13th UN Climate Change Conference that will start on December 3rd until the 14th – a critical period to strengthen and “ensure that the Kyoto Protocol is extended and expanded with deeper emissions reductions under the second commitment period.” And the youth of the world could not just sit-and-watch the turn of events: we want to be SEEN and be HEARD of our call to a future where ‘clean, renewable energy is the key.”
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Please pass it on… by Chuck Baclagon
May 4, 2007, 4:13 am
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Summer downpours aren’t normal for tropical countries like Thailand, where it has been relentlessly raining for almost a week, causing the flashfloods and the like. After hastily finishing a cup of coffee I ventured the rainy streets of Phaholyothin Soi 11 heading towards Ari where Arthur the offices’ Communications Manager was waiting along with the media people whom the office invited to ‘bear witness’, to one of the horrid effects of climate change to coastal communities, in order to communicate the urgency of tackling climate change to the bureaucrats of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) who are meeting this week in Bangkok to discuss ways to mitigate global warming.

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Solar generation campaigns at Masskara festival by Chuck Baclagon
Solar Generation youth at the Maskara Festival

Solar Generation youth at the Maskara Festival

These kids may have the sun in their eyes. But they definitely aren’t blinded by the light. In fact, they would like nothing more than to shine that light on everyone lest the world be plunged into the darkness, literally. Meet the youth of Solargen. Solar Generation International is a youth movement active in Europe, the United States and Asia in campaigns for a switch from highly polluting fossil fuel energy to clean renewable energy across the globe.
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