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The deafening sound of urgency by Chuck Baclagon

An environmental activists displays a banner that reads: "Climate Action Now!"

I  felt my heart beating faster than usual as I clapped along to 2 sheer minutes of booming beats that reminded of the loud noise that led to the crumbling of the walls of Jericho in the Biblical narrative. This morning we along with other groups and individuals sounded the alarm for climate action as part of the activities that are a part of the December 12 Global Day of Action on Climate Change.

December 12th 2009 activists, and concerned citizens of the world held global actions to highlight the urgency of climate action  at the time of the United Nations Talks on climate change (COP15/MOP5) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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From yes we can to yes we have by Chuck Baclagon

Wasted and Gone by Chuck Baclagon
April 29, 2009, 5:56 am
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This video was taken from Noel’s performance at Conspiracy Garden Cafe a couple of weeks ago.

Chuck Baclagon

Noel Cabangon sings Power by Chuck Baclagon

Last March 20, Noel Cabangon along with The Jerks performed anti-nuke songs at the 70s Bistro. This video is Noel’s take on the classic song Power which was originally performed by John Hall in the September 1979 Madison Square Garden concerts by the Musicians United for Safe Energy.

I hope you’ll not only enjoy this performance – that it will also empower you to take action and say no to a nuclear future.

Chuck Baclagon

Noel and the Jerks sing against nuclear power by Chuck Baclagon

Spotted last Friday (March 21) at 70s Bistro: singer Noel Cabangon and alternative rock and blues band the Jerks performing anti-nuclear standards.  Noel sung “Power” by John Hall, and The Jerks did “Nukleyar.”  Videos of their performance will be distributed as part of a Do-It-Yourself anti-nuclear campaigning kit for communities. Watch this space for the launch. Continue reading

Solidarity night against coal by Chuck Baclagon
June 11, 2008, 6:53 am
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We were all in high hopes as music from Noel Cabangon and other local artists filled the halls of the Pius XII Catechetical School in Iloilo for a solidarity concert that was held with the local coal opposition in Iloilo, and what made it extra special is that as we were about to start news came that the House of Representatives approved on third and final reading on the Renewable Energy Bill that would expedite the development of renewable and indigenous energy sources, a wonderful night indeed….

Chuck Baclagon