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HAPPY BIRDAY! by Chuck Baclagon
December 7, 2006, 4:40 am
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Hello from Laos. This is a belated birthday greeting (almost two months past but not late — I did greet my good friend…) and also a strange title, but I think it would have been sillier to use “Peeking at Pecking” as the lead to a post about bird watching. This is about the 8th birthday of Amaranna, perpetually eight years old, which she celebrated last October in style and with lots of color — by hiking to Mt. Makiling on her big day with a group of friends and watching birds!

Here’s a good take on a great birthday idea, which can also be a reminder of what we stand to lose if the climate continues to go awry. And the list of things to lose, as far as birds in a small, particular place is concerned, is long, as you will see towards the end of Amaranna’s post. Can anyone tell me what the local names of the birds are listed at the end of this post? But here’s excerpts from Amaranna’s musings first… A couple of weeks after Milenyo (international code name: Xangsane) hit the Philippines, she and her friends decided to visit Mt. Makiling, curious about the effects of the typhoon on this birding haven.

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