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Noel and the Jerks sing against nuclear power by Chuck Baclagon

Spotted last Friday (March 21) at 70s Bistro: singer Noel Cabangon and alternative rock and blues band the Jerks performing anti-nuclear standards.  Noel sung “Power” by John Hall, and The Jerks did “Nukleyar.”  Videos of their performance will be distributed as part of a Do-It-Yourself anti-nuclear campaigning kit for communities. Watch this space for the launch.


Kay rami ng katibayan
Upang ito’y tutulan
Bakit pinagpipilitan
Sa taong bayan
Sadya’y pagkakitaan
Ng mga taksil sa bayan
Kapalit ng buhay
Ng mga mamamayan

No-no-no-no-no-no-no nukleyar
Plantang nukleyar

Chernobyl, 3-mile Island
Pagbomba sa Japan
Nagbabantang panganib
Ng meltdown
Pinsala sa kalusugan
Pati sa kalikasan
Isa ang patutunguhan, kamatayan

Ito’y isang kalokohang
Hindi dapat patulan
Kung ayaw mong magsisi sa hulihan
Hindi dapat payagan
Nukleyar kahit saan
Malaking pananagutan
Sa taong bayan

Lea Guerrero

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[…] Noel and the Jerks sing against nuclear power […]

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Good name becuase only a complete jerk would have anything to do with GREENPEACE and its stupid activities and idiotic protests

Comment by Mad Bluebird

…and only totally ignorant net surfers like mad bluebird would post such idiotic comments against Greenpeace without raising valid arguements on legitimate issues that Greenpeace stand on. Don’t make a fool of yourself mad bluebird, labelling people and groups for that matter does not make you any different from those you despise you just make yourself come out as the jerk in the end

Comment by Chuck Baclagon

Chuck your pea sized brain is example of why there are stupid groups like GREENPEACE still out there being stupid

Comment by Mad Bluebird

Bluebird, For your sake please substantiate your accusations. Only people who don’t know anything resort to slander and name calling.

Comment by Chuck Baclagon

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