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First glimpse of Bali by Chuck Baclagon
November 30, 2007, 4:16 am
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At 30˚C, it’s no ‘white Christmas’, contrary to the songs played on the radio here in Bali, Indonesia. The time is also ‘heating up’ for the upcoming negotiation in the 13th UN Climate Change Conference that will start on December 3rd until the 14th – a critical period to strengthen and “ensure that the Kyoto Protocol is extended and expanded with deeper emissions reductions under the second commitment period.” And the youth of the world could not just sit-and-watch the turn of events: we want to be SEEN and be HEARD of our call to a future where ‘clean, renewable energy is the key.”

We, the SolarGeneration (SG Youth), together with our young creative and enthusiastic Indonesian friends, join together in a collective voice to “stop climate change now” through the Energy [R]evolution!

Last night, the gibbous moon captured us while on the way to the guest house. I was together with Hong of SG-China and Janine of SG-Germany. It was past midnight when we arrived at the guest house. The two of them retired to bed the soonest while I stayed quite a bit at the reception area and read the Jakarta Times with a number of articles on climate change issue, and after which I met with the Greenpeace campaigners and SG member, Woon from Thailand. It felt great to be surrounded with happy and passionate people of which the zest of inspiration sprung like the beautiful, white Jasmine flower under the cerulean sky of this picturesque tropical island that is at threat due to the “human-induced” climate change.

Early this morning, I was greeted by a melodic song of a bird unusual to my early morning back in the Philippines. I joined the team for breakfast and had planning session with Woon for the interactive game at the SolarGeneration booth in the conference center. Hong and Janine joined us and shared their ideas for the game.

Right after noontime, we left for the “basecamp” and met with the creative Greenpeace volunteers working on the campaign materials like the giant thermometer and the planet Earth effigy.

“Come Together” of the Beatles was playing in the airwaves – a very good tune just in time of the afternoon’s get together. I felt good listening to all Beatles’songs while helping out with in making the visual aids for the meeting.

We eventually had a meeting together with a good number of volunteers. Galih, Christian, and Aryo (the interpreter of the group) discussed the flow of the Solar Festival for the next two days at Kuta Beach and assigned groupings for the event. We left the basecamp for a trip back to the guest house for dinner and a short briefing with the team.

Coming together in one spirit and in one goal provides a ‘sense of inspiration’ to keep up what we believe is good for every living creature in the planet – to have a ‘green’ and peaceful environment.

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