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Bravo Apple: company slams lobby group over climate change by Chuck Baclagon
Latest high profile departure highlights split in Corporate America
Apple makes a stand for climate. Who will join them?

Apple makes a stand for climate. Who will join them?

Apple has stormed out of the biggest lobby group in the United States. At issue is the US Chamber of Commerce’s use of funds to oppose climate change legislation. Apple has done the right thing, and IBM and Microsoft should think different too.

It started as a murmuring of discontent within the Chamber over its lobbying against US climate legislation. It has rapidly gathered pace over the last few weeks.

Nike and Johnson & Johnson publicly stated their opposition to the Chamber’s stance earlier this year. The energy company PG&E left, closely followed by Excelon.

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Ecological Economics – The Best New Idea for 2009 by Chuck Baclagon
January 5, 2009, 7:10 am
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In the future, economists will return to Earth

The year 2009 will witness a tsunami of economic appeals to fix, as disgraced Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan put it, the ‘flaw’ in their thinking. Most will get it wrong.

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