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Earth Hour by Jenny Tuazon

From Solar Generation – Pilipinas

I always value every single thing about the planet.  From throwing trash in the trash cans to being an advocate of anti-climate change.  I was given the chance to witness last year’s earth hour.  As far as I can remember, I was in a restaurant with a close friend talking about it and looking forward to total darkness.  And before we finally went home, the lights were out.  It was an amazing experience to have been a part of a worldwide event.  And this year, I was also a part of it.

Though I’m not familiar with places here in Manila I really tried my best to find the place where Greenpeace and Solar Generation Pilipinas were based during the event.  I honestly got lost along the way and was even late for the call time but managed to find Malate Church, and was able to participate in the organization’s activity and in the earth hour itself.  The moment I arrived, the first thing that I noticed were the people busy doing and preparing for the event.  I was also awed by the preparations made by the parish headed by Fr. John Leydon.  The Greenpeace organization also did their part by installing solar energy panels as demonstration that was used during the earth hour.  In the event I met other Greenpeace and Solar Generation Pilipinas’ other members who were also active in making the event successful.  An hour after I arrived, all of us witnessed earth hour. Continue reading

No Tsunami by Jenny Tuazon

February 27, a tsunami alert was raised all over the country.  Chile had just been hit by a high intensity earthquake, and we were in Baler for a climate awareness engagement, how timely…  Together with my partner and co-solargen member Miguel Lopez, we joined the third batch of coordinators, facilitators and participants of the Ayos-A! (Aurora Youth for Arts and Sports) workshops at the Baler Central School from February 25-28, 2010. Continue reading

I was part of the change I wanted to see in the world by Jenny Tuazon
November 8, 2009, 5:22 am
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From Solar Generation-Pilipinas

It was the 30th of October when Albert told us about his planned trip to Eastern Samar. He said that the Governor invited him to become one of the resource speakers to the 1st Provincial Youth Congress on Climate Change. Since my project contract to Greenpeace has ended a week before the said event, and Mitch and Miguel who also volunteered on my project were a bit tired of what we have done for the past few weeks, with Manila pollution, old same surroundings, and since we were really looking forward for a vacation and refreshments, we came up with the idea of going to Samar with Albert. And so our main objective was to help Albert while enjoying the beautiful Samar.

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