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Nestlé needs to give rainforests a break by Chuck Baclagon

Need a break? Before you have one with a Kit Kat watch this video – ‘Have a break?‘ We need your help to get the rainforests a break and to help you spread the word we’ve launched this video spoof. It exposes the true cost behind having a break the Kit Kat way: you could be taking a bite out of Indonesia’s precious rainforests, thanks to Nestlé, maker of Kit Kat, using palm oil that comes from forest destruction.

This morning, protests took place across Europe as around 100 Greenpeace activists, some dressed as orang-utans, went to Nestlé’s headquarters and factories in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. They called on Nestlé staff to urge the company to stop using palm oil that’s the result of forest destruction.

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One small step against a dirty plan, one giant leap for climate justice! by Chuck Baclagon
December 17, 2009, 3:30 pm
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Ben Jasper is international projects co-ordinator at Greenpeace Czech Republic. Pictured above – occupying the top of the smokestack at Prenerov II coal fired power plant. Below he shares some encouraging news on how a small Pacific Island State is taking a stand against this plant.

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