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Nuclear waste a problem without practical solution by Chuck Baclagon

There is clearly no debate when it comes to the dangers of nuclear waste. However, while Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes does acknowledge this (“RP seeks help on nuclear waste, just in case,” Inquirer 4/27/2009), he refuses to admit the fact that nuclear waste is a problem without any solution.

Even more outrageous is how he calls on developed countries to help solve the ‘potential problem.’ No country in the world–not even the US, France nor Japan–has yet figured out what to do with high level radioactive waste piling up in their backyards.  Deadly nuclear waste is currently stored worldwide in interim facilities which frequently encounter accidents, such as a recent one in Tricastin, France in 2008, where radioactive material contaminated two rivers in a populated community.
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In response to Rey Vincent’s Op-Ed by Chuck Baclagon

In light of the recent moves in Congress to operationalize the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant – there seems to be an abundance of so-called nukes experts here in the Philippines.

A certain Rey Vincent P.E., wrote a letter-to-the-editor to the Philippine Daily Inquirer (dated March 25, 2009) with a title that reads: Now is the the best time for nuclear power.

Here’s my 10 cents worth on his letter…

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Climate change, safety, nuke power politics by Chuck Baclagon

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer

SOMETHING terribly wrong is going on for nuclear power to be considered “clean energy.” Nuclear power is not the solution to climate change and it creates more problems than it purports to solve.

Believers in nuclear power, like Representative Mark Cojuangco, think that climate change is their best argument. Nuclear power, they say, is the only alternative to the dirty coal fuel. But notice how, when they talk about nuclear power, they omit or belittle renewable energy. To admit that renewable energy works (it does) renders nuclear power irrelevant.

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Nuclear Energy Myth by Chuck Baclagon

This is in response to the front-page article titled “Nuke energy key to stem climate change” (3/2/09), which is about the nuclear industry’s claim that nuclear power has a role in climate change mitigation.

Nuclear power in fact undermines climate protection and can only make a negligible contribution to carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction.

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