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Greenpeace “Energy Revolution Bike Ride” concludes with a call to Congress to reject Nuclear energy by Chuck Baclagon

The bike ride that began in the far flung town of Morong, Bataan concludes with thousands of concerned Filipinos sending a clear message to the House of Representatives to reject any proposal for nuclear power in the country and instead enable massive uptake of renewable energy.

Of Hope and Nay-sayers by Jenny Tuazon
February 23, 2009, 10:05 am
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Hundreds form "No to BNPP" solidarity messageYesterday, I joined the hundreds who created the “NO TO BNPP” human banner as a solidarity message against the revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. Witnessing around 800 people join the activity made my hopes so high. After the event, I settled on to optimizing the pages that would contain the inspiring story and photos. First, I visited some forum sites to check new replies to the thread I posted week ago as an invitation to people who might want to come and join the activity. In the first hour of going through the forums, I was disheartened by some who replied things like, “greenies go home, up a tree preferably, then fall,” “it would be nice if I don’t experience brownout in April,” and, “who gives a rats butt what greenpeace thinks.” It would not be smart of me, I suppose, to jeopardize my principles by replying to them harshly so I opt to post a link to the photos taken from the activity with a message of gratitude to the people who came.

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Grasping at Straws? by Jenny Tuazon

deadend1After a few days of browsing online forums and social networking sites, forum threads and news articles tackling the issue of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant’s, (BNPP) revival, are not so difficult to ‘Stumbleupon‘ if you’re an online activist. It is with that heavy online chatter of BNPP, Pros and Cons that made me realize that there really are a lot of people in high places who are steering the BNPP activation (again).

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