Greenpeace Southeast Asia

The challenge to be vigilant by Chuck Baclagon

Photo by Albert LozadaYesterday was a busy one for me as I came in extra early for work for a talk that me and Albert Lozada, our Philippine Solar Generation coordinator was scheduled to give at the University of the Philippines’ organized Conference on Global Climate Change which was attended by folks that mainly come from the academe, government agencies, the Philippine Network on Climate Change and even those from the petroleum industry! Of which Shell was one of the major sponsors of the event to our surprise as we only learned about it as we entered the conference venue.

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Eco History by Chuck Baclagon

When the first Greenpeace boat sailed across the Gulf of Alaska in 1971 toward the U.S. nuclear test site in the Aleutian Islands, the crew and their supporters in Canada had no idea that the campaign would launch a global organization. Irving Stowe, Quaker leader of the Don’t Make a Wave Committee that launched the campaign, belonged to a dozen such groups and believed that after a campaign the group should disband. His idea of keeping things simple and grassroots has merit, but as we know, that’s not how things turned out.

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