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Facebook, stay cool – just kick the coal by Chuck Baclagon
February 25, 2010, 10:14 am
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Facebook offices on University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA. Photo via Flickr

Facebook’s first ever data center, full of state of the art and energy efficient equipment, will be built in Prineville, Oregon in the north west of the US. Unfortunately the energy required to operate the data center will be supplied by the utility company Pacific Power, which is primarily fuelled by coal – the largest single source of global warming pollution in the world. We have called on Facebook to dump coal all together and instead use 100 percent renewable energy, taking the lead in being part of the solution to climate change.

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Step Juan: Stepping up for children with cancer by Chuck Baclagon

When longtime Greenpeace volunteer Tomas Leonor told us about Step Juan, I thought it was a brilliant idea. Step Juan, which was co-organized with the Cancer Warriors Foundation, was meant to raise awareness and funds for children with cancer by walking the island of Luzon from North to South.

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Stepping up to the challenge of our time by Chuck Baclagon

The 7x9 feet three panel mural painted by the University of the Philippines Artists’ Circle Fraternity to commemorate the 20th anniversary of SV Rainbow Warrior’s bombing.

To the dismay of my colleagues here in the Philippine office I am licensed to surf the web and even log on to this pesky website called Facebook –and come to think of it is indeed really interesting what you can find over there, as a few minutes ago I was able to come across Greenpeace International’s profile picture on their page and seeing it again (although technically I see it everyday as it is one of the first things that will always greet me as I enter the office) reminded me of the my first assignments when I started to become a part of Greenpeace, fulltime, not to mention one of the first people that I’ve been glad to call a comrade in the cause who is none other than —Tomas Leonor.
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If only it was as simple as Facebook… by Chuck Baclagon
Fan our Facebook page by clicking the photo

Fan our Facebook page by clicking the photo

A week ago we started posting apropos of the BNPP revival on our  Facebook profile and yesterday, we thought that it is timely to pose this question: “If ever the Philippines pushes through with a nuclear program, do you think the Philippine government will be able to properly respond in the event of a nuclear disaster?” responses from people came really quick.
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