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Earth Hour by Jenny Tuazon

From Solar Generation – Pilipinas

I always value every single thing about the planet.  From throwing trash in the trash cans to being an advocate of anti-climate change.  I was given the chance to witness last year’s earth hour.  As far as I can remember, I was in a restaurant with a close friend talking about it and looking forward to total darkness.  And before we finally went home, the lights were out.  It was an amazing experience to have been a part of a worldwide event.  And this year, I was also a part of it.

Though I’m not familiar with places here in Manila I really tried my best to find the place where Greenpeace and Solar Generation Pilipinas were based during the event.  I honestly got lost along the way and was even late for the call time but managed to find Malate Church, and was able to participate in the organization’s activity and in the earth hour itself.  The moment I arrived, the first thing that I noticed were the people busy doing and preparing for the event.  I was also awed by the preparations made by the parish headed by Fr. John Leydon.  The Greenpeace organization also did their part by installing solar energy panels as demonstration that was used during the earth hour.  In the event I met other Greenpeace and Solar Generation Pilipinas’ other members who were also active in making the event successful.  An hour after I arrived, all of us witnessed earth hour. Continue reading

Boracay Island is my home by Jenny Tuazon

I grew up in an island where the white beach was our playground. Today, the threat of climate change is evident and very disturbing for the tourists and more so to the residents of the island. Tourism is our livelihood but with beach erosion and rising sea levels, Boracay will run out of standing. I just can’t sit on the beach and witness the sun setting without getting involved in climate change mitigation. I joined the Boracay Young Professionals, Inc. (Yuppies) and I got more than what I bargained for.

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Protecting what is beautiful… by Jenny Tuazon

It has been predicted that Boracay is one of the islands in the Philippines that will experience sea-level rise due to climate change that is why last December 2, 2009, Greenpeace together with the Department of Tourism held a workshop on the hotels and resorts of Boracay on energy efficiency and about “green” tourism.

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Susan Sarandon’s take on Climate Change by Chuck Baclagon
Below is an interesting video entitled:
Reasons to Believe: Lightbulbs (with Susan Sarandon)
It’s time to act, time for an Energy [R]evolution. Greenpeace has called for leadership on climate change with the launch of our Energy Revolution. We are highlighting how simple changes can make a big difference, on exactly how much energy can be saved by banning traditional lightbulbs – proof that small changes can make a big difference towards addressing climate change!
With thanks to Susan Sarandon for providing narration.
Chuck Baclagon