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A new superhero for chemical safety by Chuck Baclagon

Our allies in the EcoWaste Coalition has recently introduced their new champion for chemical safety – The PCB Eliminator!

He is the latest addition to EcoWaste’s own league of green heroes with a special mission of protecting people and ecosystems from harm caused by exposure to these harmful substances.

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Have a climate-friendly summer by Chuck Baclagon

Click on the image to learn more about Save the Climate - Save Boracay!

Summer has come and for most this would mean taking time-off  to relax and unwind, and for most Filipinos this means going to Boracay for some sun and sand.

Here at Greenpeace we are stepping up our “Save the Climate, Save Boracay” campaign to target holiday-goers bound for Boracay this summer break with an intensive tourist awareness project to make island, one of the country’s top tourist spots, into a climate-friendly destination.

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