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President Cory by Chuck Baclagon
President Corazon Aquino (image from

President Corazon Aquino (image from

I was planning to write this at the time when I first heard that President Corazon (or President ‘Cory’ for most of us) Aquino has passed away. But it seems that words to express my sentiments are somehow hard to come by…

…By this time countless articles, blog posts, documentaries  and other likewise tributes that are far better than this post have been published, exhibited, broadcasted and put up online.

However I think for the most part as part of an organization that upholds nonviolence as a philosophy and strategy for environmental and social change, President Cory in a way stands hand-in-hand with the likes of Gandhi and Martin Luther King as a stalwart for the application of the principle of non-violent direct action here in the Philippines especially in her pivotal role in the peaceful uprising that has become known in history as the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution.
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