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The 1970 concert that launched Greenpeace by Chuck Baclagon

“L’imagination au pouvoir.”
(“Imagination is seizing power”)
Written on the walls of the Sorbonne, Paris, May, 1968

During the 1960s, art and politics merged into a full-spectrum cultural revolution – a liberation of music and poetry, political street theatre, socially-conscious films and novels. A fresh political awareness swept around the world; the women’s movement, civil rights, indigenous stands against colonial domination and the dawning of modern ecology action.
The status quo may attempt to crush that spirit of social liberation, but social movements turn in cycles, and it feels as if the world is about to erupt again with citizen empowerment, driven by the collapse of both our ecological and economic systems.
In this spirit of revival, Greenpeace has released a two-disc CD, Amchitka: The 1970 concert that launched Greenpeace. Featuring Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Phil Ochs, the recording reflects a time when artists seized the power to merge imagination with politics and shift the social context.
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A Wiseman’s words: choose losing money over destructing the environment by Chuck Baclagon
October 2, 2009, 11:41 am
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From Making Waves

This week, the Dalai Lama visited Calgary, Alberta, Canada and spoke about the problems the world is facing today. Thousands gathered to hear the spiritual leader’s compassionate message and opinion about issues such as military intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“The destruction of your neighbour is destruction of yourself,” he said. “The concept of war is out of date.”

While on the topic of destruction, when asked about Alberta’s oilsands, the spiritual leader said, in a choice between “destruction of environment or losing money, then we have to choose losing money.”

His words of wisdom ring so true.

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