Greenpeace Southeast Asia

Meet Your New Webbie For The Pacific Tour

From the Greenpeace Australia Pacific Blog

Hello! My name is Mary Ann and I am from the Philippines. As I write this, we are sailing over the big blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

It has been more than 12 years since I first got involved with Greenpeace. Way back in 1990, I first read about Greenpeace on a register at the National Library. There was a picture of a GP inflatable confronting a whaling ship. That struck me very deeply, I thought wow these guys were really out there at the forefront! I promised myself that I will volunteer for the organization by hook or by crook. This was the time when there was no Southeast Asian office yet and I didn’t know how I could even start, much less volunteer for an organization that wasn´t in my country yet.

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Hi ho hi ho, to the Pacific we go!

From the Greenpeace Australia Pacific blog

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After being instrumental in bearing witness, along with Climate activists, at the Hay Point Coal Terminal , as well as giving support for the call of the Pacific Island nations for Australia and New Zealand to cut their emissions by 45% at the recently concluded Pacific Island Forum (which turned out to be a major disappointment for the Island States) , the Esperanza will be embarking on another campaign that is the very lifeline of the Pacific: The Pacific Tuna.

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