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It starts and ends with you… by Chuck Baclagon

“Do you know where the power lies?”

This was a question that was posed by the seminal So Cal punk band Rancid in their 1995 album …And Out Come the Wolves, a question that I myself was forced to answer when I first played it on our tape deck as a teenager.

The line is from a song whose title nowadays rings a bell when heard as it is entitled The 11th Hour a now familiar line as it has also been the title of a Leonardo DiCaprio documentary that speaks of the urgency for climate action.

Again I am reminded that we are in an age of do or die decisions as far as the environment is concerned. Pollution has escalated beyond that of local incidence but to a scale that now transcends national and geopolitical boundaries; the nuclear industry lobby has now seized the opportunity to posture itself as the silver bullet solution to the energy requirements that hopes to eventually phase out fossil fuels in order to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide that leads to global warming; and even the food we eat is now threatened with the poisons and yet-to-be known side effects of industrial farming and genetic engineering.

Indeed this generation is now given that task to step up to the challenge of this eleventh hour, of do or die decisions for a world that ought to be opting for clean water, renewable energy and safe food.

Here in the Philippines history provides us again that golden opportunity as a nation to opt for a better future for the environment, as the democratic process expects us as a people to advance the cause for a sustainable and peaceful future.

The answer to the question posed in the song is one of plain logic that speaks to the very core of our intrinsic value as people:

“Do you know where the power lies?

It starts and ends with you!”

Indeed for what else embodies a nation other than the people of this country, which we all love dearly.

It is our hope that as we embark on a search for that urgently needed leader that you would join us in seeking that one –who would put clean water, clean energy and safe food as top priority in their term as president.

That is why we would like to invite you to join us in our search by joining our campaign kickoff this Friday simply contact Veronica Rodriguez through following: (02) 332 18 07 Loc 107; 0927 342 5012 or

There is strength in numbers.

Chuck Baclagon

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How to deal with the energy crisis and drought in the Philippines! By Daniel Escurel Occeno

It will not help the immediate problem, but to prevent future power shortages: We can use CANDLE WAX BOILERS to replace burning diesel or buying coal or starting nuclear power plants.

We can do steam energy using the candle wax boiler. The price of diesel would drop.

As hydroelectric plants’ reservoirs decrease to critical levels in Mindanao, we are told by worldwide agencies dealing with Climate Change we will have future flooding from rising coastlines.

Drought from tropical radiation one season is followed by possible flooding weeks later, another year in paradise.

Drought is expected and so is flooding.

Consuming the water with steam energy using rainfall collected by rooftops of buildings and Pacific Ocean water during overflow of high tide to stockpile in water tankers would lessen the chances of flooding. The idea of stockpiling water in tankers would prevent water shortages and crop damage from lack of water.

When I saw PETRON Corporation’s tankers of stockpiled gasoline to supply the country, I imagined the tankers filled with rainwater to prevent millions of dollars of crop damage from drought and no more power blackouts because a dam was low on water, candle wax boilers.

The semi trucks delivering diesel to gas stations could have stockpiled rainwater being delivered to areas stricken by drought. Wake me up when it happens. I am tired of reading about disasters that have solutions and nothing is done.

Ocean water purified by layers and layers of ceramic pebble beds might prove to be a better way to provide drinking water than WASTE WATER Recycling Treatment Plants with all the urine, solid waste, detergents, cleansers, illegal drugs, harsh chemicals, toilet paper, smoked cigarettes, and everything else dumped into a toilet seat to recycle the water to be acceptable drinking water with a wastewater treatment plant and chemical additives so the water will be good enough to drink.

Soy wax candles are safe for the environment.

An experiment you can do to witness an energy source we have for the future, but please be careful and have adult supervision. Take an empty steel can like a cylindrical can of sardines or canned corn and melt candles inside or one-fourth filled with wax.

Then drop drops of kerosene and drop a lit burning crumpled into a ball of paper inside to ignite the wax to liquid. See how long the fire last and how hot it gets, but be careful because the steel can will get hot so make sure the bottom was placed in a safe location.

You can extinguish the fire by placing a cover on top to choke the fire that can be used to boil collected rainwater for controlled and safer steam energy for unlimited electricity in the future.

Magnify the candle wax boiler to produce the same energy of a nuclear power plant, but candle wax has no nuclear waste. We might need to grow more soy beans and sugar cane nationally. But I know how to irrigate the crops all year even during drought seasons.

Daniel Escurel Occeno is a writer for children in the Philippines.

Daniel Escurel Occeno
Panganiban Street
Gubat, SORSOGON 04710 Philippines

Comment by Daniel Escurel Occeno

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