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Inspiration from 2009 by Chuck Baclagon
January 11, 2010, 5:23 am
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Just after New Year’s I asked “What is your most inspirational memory from in 2009 – something that restored your faith in our ability to make the future greener?” on twitter and got the following responses…

visiting Cuba. Cuba can teach the world about sustainability.

Hillsong United

when I saw one of Greenpeace Fundraiser in a mall,tiredlessly explaining the same thing over and over again to different people

my most inspiring moment in 2009 is seeing so many people at the demonstration in Copenhagen on December 12th

getting accepted into the Sustainability Development Programme at the University of St. Andrews

When I saw Isha Yoga center planting trees in BIIIG NUMBERS

the various blogs on ethical living and everyday people trying to make a change

I teached my grandfather who to be ecofriendly

Unfortunately, nothing has restored such faith.

’09 Memory: Watching James Hanson & Bill MiKibben be issued citations w/ 100+ students in the Boston Common w/ @TheLCampaign

PowerShift & the Capitol #Climate Action. Finding out all kinds of folks are ready and willing to fight for climate justice.

realizing God wants the same, making it possible.

Heartening to read these and congratulations to @ksdulin for getting into St. Andrews!

For me personally – many things spring to mind. But the stories from a group of women I met in New York really stand out. They have experienced and continue to be affected by the worst impacts of global warming and they have refused to sit by and accept it. But they don’t waste time complaining – they have become agents of change – tirelessly fighting from the frontline. Their stories are truly inspirational.

I hope @eduardgrebe will take time time to read about them!

And of course – the myriad of Greenpeace actions over the year have been pretty astounding. See a slideshow of the highlights.

What about you? What has inspired you over the past year? Were you involved in something that you think might inspire others? Tell us about it by submitting a comment below.


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when my students came with me to support GDA and saw in them the willingness to spread the advocacy…

Comment by gem gabito

It`s not one single moment. It is rather the growing sense that people around me are coming around, that I am not the only person who cares about our collective life-support system.

Comment by David Leonhardt - SEO Canada

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