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Copenhagen Diary 4 | NGO Climate Rescue Station (CRS) by Chuck Baclagon
December 11, 2009, 12:19 pm
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“…After passing through the registration area and the ID badge checkpoint, walk directly ahead past the cloakroom and through the  exhibition area towards a set of double doors, above which is a banner advertising the NGO Climate Rescue Station. Push through the doors, turn left and the Climate Rescue Station will be in front of you. It’s there at the Bella Center…”

I followed the direction to the piece of work Greenpeace has done and I have to see since it was set up for campaign at the Climate Summit in Poznan, 2008. At the Copenhagen Climate Summit it becomes NGO Climate Rescue Station and host events throughout the period such as photo exhibitions, debates and film screenings organized by organizations that are part of the Global Campaign for Climate Action and free coffee served from the station every morning.

Short history of the station goes ;

In Poland 2008 the station was set up on the edge of one of the biggest open cast mine in Europe to protest the expansion of the mine and expose true cost of coal. Its position on the edge of the mine show how coal, the worst climate polluting of all fossil fuels, is driving our planet to the edge. Greenpeace activists join hundred of local people including town mayor threatened by the expansion of the pit mine to call for a clean energy revolution in Poland.
During COP14, the CRS moved to Poznan town square where it host a climate impacts exhibition and a concert platform by the British Symphonia Orchestra and speech by Yvo De Boer.

After Poland, the station moved to Madrid, Spain, where it was used by Greenpeace Spain as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations. The CRS hosted public exhibitions showing the impacts of climate change in Spain, and was used for concerts and political discussions. It was also used as an educational center to teach children about renewable energy.

At Glastonbury festival in the UK in June 2009, the station hosted exhibitions and was an information centre about Greenpeace UK’s campaign against third runway at Heathrow airport and against proposed new coal-fired power plants in the UK.

Again I was meet and greet by many Greenpeace colleagues as the Official opening of “Consequences” – a photo exhibition of climate impacts the world is already suffering – about to start.

Then it was the time that I’ve seen Greenpeace International Executive Director, Kumi Naidoo and his inspiring speech about powerful and stunning photos.
I introduced one of Thai negotiator, some of Thai NGOs colleagues and community member to this area saying that “well, it’s a smoking area and you can get free coffee, please come and relax from a very tense and chaotic atmosphere inside”

It’s true. Once we push through the door, pass through many smokers and turn left it’s right there in front of you – the climate rescue station that at least can be rescues me from talking circus in the big hall.

Tara Buakamsri

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