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Check out the live stream of our side event here at the UN climate summit by Chuck Baclagon
December 8, 2009, 5:08 pm
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Earlier this year, Grenpeace activists hung the above banner on the iconic Mt. Rushmore in the US after it became apparent that Obama was not leading the climate debate as he'd promised.

In just a couple hours, you can tune in to a livestream of our “side event” here at the UN climate summit. It’s rather descriptively entitled, “Yes He Can! How President Obama Can Deliver Stronger Emissions Reductions.” It starts at 8:00PM Copenhagen time.

When President Obama vowed to “restore science to its rightful place” in the climate debate during his inaugural address, I was very, very pleased. It would be an understatement to say that me and pretty much all of my friends and colleagues were excited about candidate Obama during the campaign. After eight years of Bush, we were eager to work with Obama to turn our country around, and his pronouncement about respecting science seemed to confirm that he was going to lead the way.

So it would be yet another understatement to say I’ve felt let down as Obama not only sat back and watched Big Coal rewrite a domestic climate bill but also failed to lead the rest of the world in taking bold action to stop climate change. He hasn’t just failed to restore science to the debate, he seems to have been actively ignoring it. He seemed to confirm that when his administration announced it was putting a paltry 17% emissions reduction target based on 2005 levels on the table – a mere 4% compared to 1990 levels, whereas the science tells us developed countries need to be aiming for 25 to 40% reductions by 2020.

Though the UN climate summit is upon us and it is now the 11th hour, Obama can still get it right. He can still inspire the whole world to take the necessary actions that will avert a total climate catastrophe. We’ve assembled a panel for our side event to layout just how he can do that. The speakers include:

  • Kyle Ash, policy advisor for Greenpeace USA;
  • Kassie Segal, a lawyer from the Center for Biological Diversity;
  • Marcelo Furtado, executive director of Greenpeace Brazil, who will give us the international perspective.

Keep in mind that this is a livestream from a conference center with over 20,000 people inside of it, all of whom are probably furiously tweeting, blogging, and emailing the folks back home. So there might be intermittent delays in the webcast. Just bear with us.

Also bear in mind that while this is a very exciting time, as we’re literally here witnessing negotiations on the future of the planet, this is going to be an in-depth policy and legislative discussion. There will be some powerpoint presentations, but otherwise nothing you’d call visually stimulating. Still, it should be very interesting if, you know, you’re into this kind of thing.

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