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Ready for the crocodiles by Chuck Baclagon

From Asti, Forest Campaigner from Switzerland, who has finally arrived at the camp:

There is a big buzz in the Climate Defenders Camp this afternoon. With at least 400 local visitors, including loads of children, and plenty of laughing and singing – it’s open house again. Krisna Mukti, a famous indonesian singer and actor, is just one of the attractions. Youngsters of Teluk Meranti are having a Bantun contest – which is a very nice Malai Tribe tradition to form your everyday life into poems. I know I miss a lot not being able to understand it – todays Bantun poems are all about the forests. Public outreach in the camp is both amazing and motivating.

I finally made it to the camp yesterday evening after almost getting grey in hotelrooms– it was empowering right away from the first step entering it. We (Swiss and Indian campaigners, accompanied by Indonesian colleagues) made sure to travel the last part of the trip in the dark as we wanted to reach the camp at least before possibly getting detained and deported. This happened to our friends from Italy, India and Belgium last Monday.

>> Read more about the Climate Defenders Camp

>> Join the call for an ambitious deal at the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen this December including a forest fund

When we arrived, we were welcomed by around 50-60 people, locals and Greenpeace volunteers – a couple of guitars and a peaceful and inspiring atmosphere.

Asti campaigning at home in Zurich

I was told the crocodiles (police, government or companies) wouldn’t be likely to turn up during the weekend – so we made the most of the day and visited the damming construction which might be finished by tomorrow. And we put up a banner for the Swiss HOS to remind them to pay their share for forest and climate protection.

This camp made it totally clear to me: places like this one are so crucial, creating power and inspiration to be engaged for the protection for our forests, for our climate, for our future. They need to pop up everywhere – anywhere. You can build up your own little climate defenders camp where ever you like.

So, I’ve had my share – I’m ready for the crocodiles 😉


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