Greenpeace Southeast Asia

More intimidation as Greenpeace activists, independent media and local community targeted by Chuck Baclagon

The 11 foreign activists who have been deported over the last few days.

Indonesian authorities have ramped up Intimidation tactics against Greenpeace activists, independent media and local community members supporting our Climate Defenders Camp on the Kampar Peninsula on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

Yesterday Riau police detained Indian and Italian journalists along with Greenpeace activists from Germany, Belgium and Italy, who were en-route to the climate defenders camp. They are still being held by the authorities and were questioned through the night.

The activists and journalists are traveling on valid business and journalist visas, and were on their way to meet the villagers of Teluk Meranti, who had mobilised to support Greenpeace climate defenders on Sunday.

Immigration authorities have already deported eleven international Greenpeace activists who participated in the non-violent direct action at a site of forest and peatland clearing by APRIL, one of Indonesia’s largest pulp and paper companies.

“We are calling on President Yudyhono to step in and stop these extreme and embarrassing actions against Greenpeace activists who are carrying out their peaceful activities along with the local communities to help our President fulfil his internationally announced emission reduction targets,” said Hidayati.

“When the company is stopped from destroying the forest, and the local community’s rights secured, Greenpeace will leave the climate defenders camp.”

>> Read more about the Climate Defenders Camp

>> Join the call for an ambitious deal at the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen this December including a forest fund

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