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Quick Action, Quick Results on Cleanway by Jenny Tuazon

The first time I heard of Cleanway Technology Corporation was back in 2005. I had just come from a Congressional oversight hearing for the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act on the IWMI incinerator in Cavite. After the hearing, most of those who attended, legislators included, went to visit Cleanway, a facility that treated hospital and industrial wastes in Barangay Maguyam, Silang, Province of Cavite.

I was particularly interested in their hydroclave technology which was a non-burn alternative for hospital waste. At the time of the visit, the company had just started operating and was processing mostly medical wastes. To me, the technology looked promising. But I wondered what toxic wastes they would be treating because that is usually the tricky part. Greenpeace strongly believes that the problem of toxic wastes can only be effectively eliminated by phasing them out in production and finding safer and cleaner substitutes.

My second time at the facility was on Oct. 30, 2009. This time it was to take action against the company for a series of chemical releases in October which resulted in more than 70 people from the host community hospitalized for chemical inhalation. Each time there was a very strong chemical odor, members of the community would go around the industrial park to trace the source and they attest to the fact that the noxious chemicals really came from the company.

We met with company officials a few days later to ask for full disclosure of company information on the kind of toxic wastes they accept for treatment, procedures for treatment, disposal, etc. This is necessary in order to properly deal with the environmental contamination and diagnose and treat the health problems resulting from the exposure. They committed to sending us the documents that we needed by the end of this week.

Cleanway vowed to cooperate with the different investigating bodies but at the same time asked that they be given time to install some pollution control devices within the month and implement other corrective measures. There are proposals on how to deal with the medical costs but as of this writing, no agreement has been reached between the company and the community.

Lastly, they committed to supporting the call for Clean Production and Zero Discharge.

By engaging Cleanway, Greenpeace hopes to achieve transformative action. But Cleanway does need to address the problem of hazardous waste treatment first. They can be a potential ally for future policy advocacies related to clean production and right to know IF they get over this bump.

Investigations are ongoing and a Cease and Desist Order was served to the company as of November 5, 2009. As of today, Cleanway is not operating.

Beau Baconguis

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How about the waste they dump before? do they treated it already??? so many questions?????? i have four kids they are all ashmatic with allergy.. this is not the problem.. we are nearby brgy.maguyam.. and very bad smell. sometimes it passby in my house!!!!!! i feel so angry because i cant buy a good and not smelly air to them.” CAN WE ASK CLEANWAY TO BUY A GOOD AIR FOR OTHER PEOPLE NEAR IN THAT BIG BAD COMPANY”. AND OBLIGATE CLEANWAY to filtrate air and those smelly chemical put only on thier the way they dont admit that they are not harming the river,soil,air and PEOPLE.. many lives has been sacrifice Brgy. Maguyam silang cavite, Brgy.lantik sitio dabilan, sitio agiit carmona cavite.PLEASE HAVE MERCY on us!!!! STOP CLEANWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERMANENTLY!!!!!!!!!! ITS DIRTYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by abegail garganta

I would like to make a comment regarding the Cease and Desist order, i think it has already been put aside, because as of this writing, 19th of May 2010, we can smell the chemical stink coming out of the company Cleanway Technology located here in Brgy. Maguyam, Silang, Cavite. I can even see its employees every morning and early evening out from work in their usual shuttle service, which only implies that the company is in full operation. Adding insult to injury is the fact the local government, from what I heard, has always been in favor of Cleanway because of it’s generosity in giving out tokens to selected individuals and group of people. Greenpeace people, please, i have 2 little children, ages 3 and 5, I wanted for them to breathe the same fresh air that we’ve been used to since we were little kids. I can see them putting their small hands to their noses, everytime this foul chemical-smelling odor is being released. Please help us. i know you guys can. Right now, all we can do is place our voice and laments through all those banners you will see on the side of Maguyam main road, asking for this torture to stop. Help us. Help our children. We know there is a solution. Please hear the small voice of our children.My folks and I can cooperate. My email is

Comment by JP Victorino

I agree with Mr. Victorino regarding the generosity of Cleanway. Why? How come that the residents of the barangay who fight against this company before now stop and even love this company at present.This company also filed a case against three concern citizen of the barangay which only thinks for the future of the residents and nearby community.
How much it cost for the NOSE COVER they buy for their supporter.?
GreenPeace people, help us.PLEASE…

Comment by Jing Atienza

We are being paid just to protest CLEANWAY’s existence in Maguyam… But the truth is… we love CLEANWAY so much…..
Come to think of it…. What will happen to those Industrial Wastes if not treated properly prior disposal……

Comment by pamela tapia

I’m the genuine Pamela Tapia.
The truth is i don’t know how to use computer.
My brother is the one who typed this message.
how dare you to use my name. We’re the affected one’s here so, why would we want to get paid by CLEANWAY Tech. Corp.?
I Am one of those who had been sued by CLEANWAY Tech. Corp. (Defamation Slander)
We fight for our rights to live in a friendly and harm free environment.

Comment by Pamela Tapia

Ang mga taong Nagmamahal sa Cleanway sa kabila ng baho at masamang epekto sa kalusugan na dala at ibubunga nito ay ang mga taong NAKIKINABANG at pinasusweldo nila.Di nila kayang kalabanin ang kompanyang ito dahil magugutom sila.Babalewalain nila ang kinabukasan malamnan lang ang kanilang tiyan sa kasalukuyan.

Comment by Concern Citizen

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