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…given what’s at stake.. by Chuck Baclagon
November 10, 2009, 5:03 am
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Ms. Earth

Miss Earth beauty pageant contestants pose with a banner for Climate change adaption and mitigation.

On the last day of the Barcelona Climate Change Talks UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer spoke about the strong sense that the Kyoto Protocol needs to continue. He also said that the Copehagen agreement must record, in black and white, the accountable commitments of individual governments.

He stressed the urgency for industrialized countries to raise their ambitions and, in particular, the importance of the U.S. announcing a clear, numerical mid-term emissions target. There was also a need, he said, for industrialized nations to provide clarity on the amount of short- and long-term finance to which they will commit.

It has been said that Copenhagen must be where we get a fair, ambitious and legally binding deal to stop the severe impacts of climate change. Too much is at stake for everyone if we procrastinate on pushing for real climate action.
With Copenhagen just four weeks away, everyone from eco-warriors, to politicians, to NGOs, to ordinary folk and even beauty queens (!) almost everyone now is making a clamor for a good deal in Copenhagen.

Under normal circumstances photo ops like this is not my cup of tea but on the case of climate change I would like to make an exception as given the urgency of the climate’s situation, I’m willing to try anything to sound the alarm of the pressing need to wake up the powers that be for a strong deal in Copenhagen.

Chuck Baclagon

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