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Staying positive in Indonesia by Chuck Baclagon

From the Climate Rescue Blog

Hi! My name is Pablo, Greenpeace activist from Spain, and I’m writing this e-mail from the Climate Defenders Camp, that Greenpeace set up in Sumatra, Indonesia.

It has been pretty depressing to see all the forest destruction here. Big areas of jungle have been burnt and other deforested areas are now full of plantations of palm, eucalyptus trees and other commercial species.

But here we are, building a dam in a canal so that the jungle doesn’t dry out (companies drain the peatland by carving canals in the earth – to prepare it for plantations). We are working very hard (often in extreme weather conditions here!) to stop the deforestation – which is contributing to climate change.

We are a team of people from different nationalities joined together and fighting peacefully for the same cause and I always try to stay positive in spite of the heat, mosquitoes, police pressure and the other hardships we have to deal with. I’m completely sure this work is worth doing and we’ll achieve our goal of protecting the Sumatran jungle and therefore, as everything is interlinked in this world our Mother Earth.

Warm regards from the Climate Defenders Camp in Sumatra.

Pablo, Greenpeace Spain Volunteer

>>Read more about the Climate Defenders Camp
>>Join the call for an ambitious deal at the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen this December including a forest fund

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