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H&L Diaries | Day 1 Chapter 2: Chang Cin Lok by Chuck Baclagon

If you’re thinking Chang Cin Lok is a Chinese name, then you are…………..wrong!

Chang in Thailand means elephant, and Cin Lok in Indonesia is short for “cinta lokasi” which means love upon meeting each other and being in the same location at the same time.  So in short, Chang Cin Lok illustrates 2 elephants participating in this Chang(e) Caravan journey.  From hundreds of elephants in the Khao Yai National Park, 5 lucky elephants were selected to participate in the journey and we were so excited to meet them today!!!

Copy of IMG_8953 Surprisingly, all of the elephants were so nice to us.  While we were busy taking pictures and stroking them, the director of Thai Elephant Research and Conservation Fund (TREF) told us about a love story blooming in the Chang(e) Caravan project.  Two of the elephants—Dok Kaew (female, 38 years) and Kajapatara (male, 13 years)—apparently experience more than just traveling with fellow elephants and the Greenpeace team.  Rumor has it, they are in love. And in case you’re wondering, the male is 25 years younger than the female (it seems that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s love story is not only common among humans, huh?).

Dr. Alongkot Chukaew, the Director of Thai Elephant Research and Conservation Fund (TREF) narrated a compelling story about the couple.  They©Greenpeace/Hanifah Azzahra started showing interest with each other from the day they first met in the Chang(e) Caravan.  We witnessed the love and affection of the two through some of the “love symptoms” they demonstrated while we were with them.  They would spray water to each other; Dok Kaew (the female elephant) would make special noises to attract Kajapatara’s (the male elephant) attention; Kajapatara would feed fruits to Dok Kaew; and even when the location is filled with people, they would sometimes still show their affection for each other.

Dr. Alongkot also mentioned that they haven’t mated because both of them have not had any experience in mating before.

So, hopefully there’s going to be news about a baby elephant from TERF sometime soon!

Let’s keep our finger crossed!

-Hani and Lalit-

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