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H&L Diaries | Day 1 Chapter 1: Introduction by Chuck Baclagon
September 25, 2009, 10:14 am
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Copy of DSC_0422We are Hani and Lalit, Greenpeace University SEA (GPU) graduates who were given the opportunity to join the Chang[e] Caravan project in Thailand.  As recent graduates of GPU, learned a lot of things about constructing a campaign, and being part of the journey and activities was an opportunity we truly welcomed as it was a chance for us to apply what we learned from the 3 month program.

The Chang(e) Caravan seeks to increase the level of awareness regarding climate change, its impacts and calls on world leaders to take solid commitments.  The changes that Greenpeace demands are a solid commitment and funds for adaptation, protecting forests and switch to clean energy.

Chang is Thai for elephant—which in terms of history and culture, an icon among Thais—is one of the species that will be greatly affected by climate change.  And the caravan is the best way to deliver the message not only in Thailand, but throughout the region of Southeast Asia, the most vulnerable and least prepared.

We camped out at Ancient Siam, one of the famous tourist centers located in Samutprakan, Thailand, where all of Thailand’s history, culture and religion are showcased through very unique replicas of architectural and art objects.  It was also the last stop of the Chang(e) Caravan journey.

On our first day, we helped the public outreach team with the logistics needed for the activity scheduled for the following day.

©Greenpeace/Adisorn ChabsungnuenOn our second day, we participated in a long march around Ancient Siam together with the elephants, the Chang(e) Caravan team, students and other visitors to actively engage the public and increase their awareness on the project.

We had a crash course on elephants from Dr. Alongkot Chukaew, Director of Thai Elephant Research and Conservation Fund (TERF), who animatedly explained facts about the elephants and how climate change affects not only them, but biodiversity as well.  ©Greenpeace/Adisorn Chabsungnuen

On our third day, a press conference was held to close the 15-day journey through climate change impacted central plains of Thailand.

Interacting with the elephants and the Chang(e) Caravan team made us understand not only the elephants and their behavior, but also how animals and human beings are threatened by climate change.

Copy of DSC01605a

World leaders should not waste time and act now!

Watch out for the H&L Diaries!

Hani and Lalit

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