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Aerial spraying and Silent Spring by Chuck Baclagon

Last Friday, I marched along with other eco-groups and farmers from Davao against aerial spraying in Davao, a practice which the American marine biologist and nature writer, Rachel Carson once described as a ‘poison rain,’ in her monumental work the Silent Spring.

Participating in the event struck a sentimental chord, since the protest that I am part of echoes that of the historic struggle to push forward public concerns with pesticides and pollution of the environment. It was in Carson’s Silent Spring that the modern environmental movement was borne of.

Greenpeace considers itself an heir of Carson’s legacy in advancing a greener and more peaceful future. So standing in the protest somehow puts me into solidarity with those who’ve laid the ground for the struggle that we are now continuing.

It has been said that Silent Spring facilitated the ban of the pesticide DDT in 1972 in the United States and that the book’s inspiration led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency.

It is tragic that 50 years after the Silent Spring, the people of Davao under the banner of the Mamamayang Ayaw Aerial Spraying which is composed of aerial spraying-affected communitites from seven villages in Davao City as well as support groups including various non-government organizations, lawyers, youth, doctors, organic producers and other civil society groups are still struggling against the onslaught of aerial spraying.

It is with all hope that I share the vision of a comprehensive ban on aerial spraying with the people of Davao.

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Chuck Baclagon

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