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100 days! 100 Reasons! One Solution – Forests for Climate by Chuck Baclagon
August 28, 2009, 1:03 pm
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To mark the launch of tcktcktck campaign, 100 days ahead of the crucial climate meeting in Copenhagen, Greenpeace called upon world leaders , especially President Obama to show courage and determination and ensure that there words are translated into action to avert the worst impacts of climate change.

Struggling to find a simpler word to describe the children of ‘indigenous communities’, from the outskirts of Khao Yai national Park, who were going to perform the tcktcktck demonstration at UN Building in Bangkok, a politically savvy colleague offered the generally accepted, UN negotiation text language ‘forest dependent communities’.

But while dancing with the children, to the beat of tcktcktck, I had my moment of truth, it occurred to me that , in real terms, we are all, i.e. the entire human race on planet earth, one large ‘forest dependent community’.

After all, forests maintain ecological systems essential for life on Earth and they continue to be home to millions of indigenous people, but the rest of the people, who live far away from the forests, are equally dependent on forests.

Forest regulate water flows and rainfall, provide clean water and breathable air but most importantly forests stabilize the world’s climate by storing large amounts of carbon that would otherwise contribute to climate change.

Look at the latest forest map of the world and you will realize that unless something is done immediately to stop deforestation, than we are in deeper trouble than the devastation being wrought by extreme weather events.

No, not being alarmist, just a realist. Forests are vanishing at the rate of 13 million hectares per year, which is equal to losing a forest area the size of a football pitch every 2 seconds.

The debate regarding the climate science is over. Now they are debating over solutions. Meanwhile the signs of climate change get more and more ominous.

Even the beautiful child, dancing with me, would be able to explain to Mr. Obama, the obvious –  for drastic and immediate emission reduction of carbon, in short to cut ‘quick and deep’, stop deforestation. Now.

Investments in techno fixes for the ‘developed countries’ lifestyle can be deliberated, debated, considered and mulled over but investments in protecting forests for climate cannot wait. Tcktcktck..

Stop the forest fires, stop the bull dozers, stop the expansion of plantations, stop the fragmentation of our forest cover and there, bingo, you have the equivalent of collective emissions from transport and building sector, out of the atmosphere. Bonus, you give a lifeline back to the biodiversity and millions of people dependent on them. All of us.

The UN text on forests that is being deliberated includes deforestation , degradation conservation and sustainable forest management but the negotiators are using every trick of English grammar, to delay , by adding a bracket, coma, a hyphen, a question mark full stops while they wait for their political leaders to send them the signs to proceed.

In reality there are only 3 UN negotiation weeks before a deal is arrived at in Copenhagen.  Its time, President Obama delivers on the change he promised.

It is not rocket science really, you can download Greenpeace policy on Saving forests to Protect the Climate. The policy outlines the principles and criteria for best-practice financing mechanism for forest protection, so that developed countries do not abuse any system that is agreed at the UN by sidestepping their own national emission reduction targets and to avoid abuse of the carbon markets. Read it.

Mr Obama has a second opportunity to make history.  In fact, it is less than hundred days away, it could be on 22 September, when he stands up to speak at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

We are waiting to applaud him again. In fact, today we were already dancing celebrating his announcement. Forests for Climate. What a brilliant idea !

Chang(e) is coming !

Shailendra Yashwant

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The very relevant campaign “Tcktcktck” will surely grab attention of president Obama. This one is going to be a most affirmative action for the green planet.

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