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Hi ho hi ho, to the Pacific we go! by fierymary

From the Greenpeace Australia Pacific blog

© Greenpeace/Hilton

After being instrumental in bearing witness, along with Climate activists, at the Hay Point Coal Terminal , as well as giving support for the call of the Pacific Island nations for Australia and New Zealand to cut their emissions by 45% at the recently concluded Pacific Island Forum (which turned out to be a major disappointment for the Island States) , the Esperanza will be embarking on another campaign that is the very lifeline of the Pacific: The Pacific Tuna.

The Esperanza will be heading out to the Western and Central Pacific ocean, deemed as the worlds last relatively healthy stocks of tuna, to continue protecting this threatened species from extinction.

© Greenpeace/Vallejo

So at last after a long wait in Cairns,  we have finally left port! A very sunny and beautiful day it was, clear skies, crisp cool air, calm waters.

Just perfect for a first day at sea after more than a weeks wait.

© Greenpeace/Vallejo

Cairns Pilot Boat Escorting the Esperanza out of Trinity Bay.

Mary Ann Mayo

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