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On-street venues for August and early September by Chuck Baclagon

Greenpeace direct dialogue campaigner

This August, our on-street campaigners will hit the following busy places so better be there if you want to join us in our work for a Greenpeace and peaceful future 🙂

  • Robinsons Galleria
  • Robinsons Manila
  • Eastwood City Walk (September 1-15)
  • Smart Tower makati (August 25-26)
  • Rufino Towers Makati (August 27-28)
  • Salcedo sunday market
  • RCBC tower Makati ( September 1-4)

Why do we need your support?

Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organization that acts to change attitudes and behavior, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace.

We do not accept funding from governments or corporations; instead we rely on the goodwill and generosity of people like you to continue our work. This ensures we’re in the best position to take action and confront people and organizations that are destroying our environment.

With support from individuals, we work to prevent catastrophic climate change and build an energy revolution; to preserve clean water sources; to keep genetically engineered ingredients out of our food and to create a peaceful and nuclear-free future.

How does Greenpeace raise money?

The Greenpeace direct dialogue team is the frontline of our fundraising efforts. You may have seen our “Frontliners” in a shopping center or mall close to you.

Frontliners are crucial to our financial independence. They recruit thousands of new financial supporters to Greenpeace every year and educate countless more about environmental issues.

Want to work for Greenpeace as a Frontliner?

Ten Derillo

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I’ll be there! Kelan po ung sa Robinsons Galleria? Thanks for the updates!

Comment by Rhizzha Cabog

Buong August yung Galleria 🙂

Comment by Chuck Baclagon

really?! so meron po ngayon?! san po banda dun?! hihihi

Comment by Rhizzha Cabog

Hello again,
I can’t tell in which area it is but its probably in one of the common areas in the building like the lobby or the activity center. But when I saw them last they are at the lobby in the entrance facing emerald avenue perhaps dun ulit sila.

Comment by Chuck Baclagon

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