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The clock is ticking… by Chuck Baclagon
August 2, 2009, 6:36 pm
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Greenpeace members carry a globe in a symbolic u-turn of the Earth from the devastations of climate change.

Greenpeace members carry a globe in a symbolic u-turn of the Earth from the devastations of climate change.


The month of July has ended with only a handful of posts in this blog!

Perhaps the photo below would give you an idea as to how the month fared in terms of how things are here in the Philippines…



I took those two pictures on two separate occasions on my way to work. Basically the whole month was highlighted with raging torrential showers. Which basically made it really difficult for most of  us to work or at the very least get to the office to work…

Anyways as I welcome the month of August I am also getting goosebumps mainly because of the fact that mankind’s fate (in terms of responding to the challenge of global climate change) is about to be decided on 126 days, 13 hours, 28 minutes and 47 seconds from now.

The world’s leaders meet at the end of 2009 in Copenhagen to determine the fate of the climate. They could set us on the path to a deep emissions cuts or they could lock the planet into catastrophic, irreversible climate change.

I am among the many who are hoping for commitments to legally binding, timely and deep emissions reductions that are ambitious, equitable and fair at Copenhagen, and I invite you to make yourself counted among our ranks.

Please click here to visit this link and ask U.S. President Obama to champion our cause. 🙂

Chuck Baclagon

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