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Welcome to the World Wide Web of Greenpeace by Chuck Baclagon

Whether you're a lover or a fighter, a computer geek or an artist - we need you! Just like hundreds of people before you, your actions will make a difference.

Whether you're a lover or a fighter, a computer geek or an artist - we need you! Just like hundreds of people before you, your actions will make a difference.

For the past two days I’ve spent most of my time here in Jakarta talking about my work, and as I prepared to do the training module for New Media that we usually give to new Greenpeace staff I decided to write it down in the form of a letter which I thought would also be cool if it is published in this blog as a handy reference to people who are interested with how Greenpeace work online.

So here it goes…


Welcome to the somewhat boring but in a way fun-filled world of Greenpeace new media, I am Chuck and I am the resident web geek for Greenpeace Southeast Asia’s office in the Philippines.

Today, I’ll be doing my best not to keep you guys from falling asleep as I share to you how Greenpeace is saving the world in cyberspace.

“In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity.”
– Albert Einstein

These were the words of Albert Einstein from not so long ago and I believe that as a part of the environmental movement we are living in difficult times. In the face, of climate change and a host of other environmental problems brought by our combined unsustainable lifestyles I believe that we are at a tipping point where real and lasting action should be taken now more than ever.

Keeping that in mind, I also believe that it is in these difficult time that we are given that grand opportunity to save the world, especially with the advent of what we have come to call as – New Media.

What is new media?

I’m pretty sure that most of you guys as all my other peers in Greenpeace and in other groups are asking: “What is new media in the first place?”

The people who are smarter than me who choose to make their wisdom manifest in the internet via our favorite reference site Wikipedia has defined new media as this:

“New media is a term meant to encompass the emergence of digital, computerized, or networked information and communication technologies in the later part of the 20th century.”

Moreover it could be said that most of the technologies that are described as “new media” are in short digital, often having characteristics of being editable, networkable  (as in easy to share).

Taking action is as simple as striking the 'Enter' key on your keyboard

Taking action is as simple as striking the 'Enter' key on your keyboard

Interactivity is the word

What strikes me most as to what new media has to offer in general is the fact that it is interactive. When I say interactive is that in a sense if we would contrast it to what we call as ‘old media’ (that is print, radio and television), new media offers the capacity to facilitate user-to-user interactivity and interactivity between user and information.

Which means that any individual with the right technology can now produce his or her online media and include images, text, and sound about whatever he or she chooses, therefore shifting the model of mass communication (one to many), and radically shapes the ways we interact and communicate with one another (many to many).

New media @ Greenpeace

So how does this factor in with our work at Greenpeace?

Earlier we’ve talked about how opportunity lies in difficulty and is precisely why Greenpeace is now utilizing the opportunity of extending its work online now in the face of the greatest ecological threats that we are facing in this day and age. Especially, since we are an organization that has always championed the power of individuals to effect change, cyberactivism then is a natural extension of Greenpeace’s campaign work.

As technology brought about with the advent of new media also opened up opportunities for activists ranging from big international NGOs (like Greenpeace) to grassroots activists to  use electronic communication technologies such as e-mail, the World Wide Web, blogs, social networks and podcasts for various forms of activism that enables faster communications, delivery of local information to a large audience, which in turn makes the job of cause-related fundraising, volunteer organizing, community building, lobbying, and public mobilization easier than it was in the past.

Greenpeace cyberactivism in a nutshell

Here at Greenpeace the strands of work in online activism can be broken down in four strands of work that we will be are doing now.

Outreach and participation. This is our way of helping people to engage more fully in civil society by giving them information, which is what we do in our website where we host almost all available information based on our campaign and scientific research data, which we allow people to access via our website’s home and more specifically Press Centre which is our one-stop resource for all the materials that we are distributing to the public.

By saying participation as an organization we offer people with the option to speak out their minds and give feedback and opinions to decision-makers.

Bearing witness via people’s media. I’m pretty sure that all of you are already familiar with our core values which includes

Greenpeace co-founder Robert Bob Hunter

Greenpeace co-founder Robert 'Bob' Hunter

‘bearing witness’  so in a sense if we are to speak of bearing witness via people’s media it is using the multimedia capacity of new media  to create content and to report using blogs, (picture Greenpeace co-founder Bob Hunter blogging their voyage to Amchitka 😉), Twitter and/or images and videos via Flickr, Youtube, and MMS.

Coordinating and mobilizing. This is the virtual equivalent of our work with public campaigning work wherein we use mailinglists, social networks, online forums and mobile phones to organize meetings, to put out calls to action and/or to communicate in emergencies or coordinate sponateous direct actions.

This direct communication is an example of how our online activists are mobilized to take an offline action against the proposed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, as most of the participants come from our supporters and cyberactivists

This direct communication is an example of how our online activists are mobilized to take an offline action against the proposed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, as most of the participants come from our supporters and cyberactivists.

Fundraising. As an extension of our work to empower people who are passionate about the environment we find the fact of our organization’s financial independence as an empowering message to encourage people to take action by putting their financial resources to groups like Greenpeace who believe that they have a stake in the struggle of saving the environment. So in order to continue in our work we are utilizing new media to raise money for Greenpeace through online donation gateways and other likeminded fundraising ventures.

As we end this session I am always faced with this question: ‘does cyberactivism work?

It is with this thought in mind that I leave you guys with some words of wisdom from Brian Fitzgerald who has been a pillar of our online work here at Greenpeace:

“I’ve seen online activism stop a nuclear reprocessing plant in Japan. I’ve seen it spur Apple to commit to phase out toxic chemicals. I’ve seen it turn the tourist industry in Iceland into an ally in the fight to save whales. I’ve seen it drive Dove to the negotiating table over their use of rainforest-destroying palm oil in their products. I’ve seen it drive the government in Argentina to pass a law protecting their forests. There simply isn’t any doubt: online activism works. ”

Welcome to Greenpeace and hope you’ll always remember to click your mouse and strike the ‘enter’ key to save the planet.


Chuck Baclagon

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I’m giving you my 100% support. More power to Greenpeace!
How can I get more connected and be an empowered cyberactivist?

Comment by Yodz Insigne

Thanks for the vote of confidence Yodz, we really appreciate it =)

As for your question there are several ways that come into mind

Spread the word from your computer- Your computer, email and the internet are powerful tools. Whether you just use your computer a little or you’re a fully-fledged computer geek, you can help spread the word on environmental issues through your computer. Take cyber-action now!

Green your life – Imagine if, everyday, we used a little less of the world’s resources, and didn’t create quite as much waste, and changed one thing we did to reduce our impact on the environment… use this info to green your life.

Also you might want to check the links below


Comment by Chuck Baclagon

Thanks for such a great post. Before this post I had never heard of Cyberactivism. I think it may be time for me to do my part in Greenpeace! Keep up the great work in sharing the knowledge!

Comment by the peoples program

wel,, i want to be part of the cause.. im in full support!
im not that familiar at this kind of campaign but i’ll try.. more power!!:)


Comment by makii

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Comment by Dazy

I agree with Brian Fitzgerald that cyberactivism works. I’ve been a part of it for some time now and everytime that we have an on line campaign, we always get the positive result. It is really inspiring how thousands of our cyberactivists changed the minds of big companies and manufacturers to consider the planet before making a product.

Here, it is fulfilling that everybody’s voice is heared. Everybody is given the chance to make a difference for the planet.

Comment by Ai

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Comment by hima muchlashin

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Comment by gabRevaTeat

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Comment by eraxarorslony

Yes I agree that Cyberactivism is the answer to fight against those abusive leaders against our environment. Through this way of information we can educate people to conserve our planet earth.

Comment by alberto

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Comment by Temeka Firkins

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Comment by Callen

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