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A requiem to Louder Than Words… by Chuck Baclagon
A screenshot of the now defunct Louder Than Words Forum

A screenshot of the now defunct Louder Than Words Forum

This morning I was informed by a fan of Greenpeace Philippines’ Facebook page, that the Louder Than Words Community has been taken down by the start of July.

Below is their statement:

Dear Friends,
We’ve had to make the difficult decision to shut down this forum.
We realise that many of you spent a great deal of time here, and enjoyed meeting other activists and exchanging ideas.

We’ve attempted various strategies across more than a year to try and make this work better, but we are simply unable to dedicate enough staff time to moderate and provide quality input. As we approach the most important climate summit in the history of the planet in Copenhagen this December, we’re battening down the hatches and focusing all our efforts on pressuring governments to sign a deal that will stop runaway climate change.
We’re cutting back on many projects to make room for this priority work, and the forum is one of them.

News of Louder Than Words’ closing, saddens me now as I write this.

I was a part of that community, it was an extension of myself, where at times when it seems that everyone in the world wide web seemed to care less about what Greenpeace stands for, there are those kindred souls in Louder Than Words whom I can find sanctuary from the harsh words of nasty bloggers and the like.

It is in Louder Than Words that I’ve often be made to think hard about how I live my complacent life to one that always seeks to persevere in pursuing a greener and peaceful future.

It is with these and other memories of my interaction with Greenpeace webbies, that the closure of Louder Than Words signals a sad note in my online life as a Greenpeace cyberactivists.

But as with all endings come new beginnings, and the same could be said of Louder Than Words, which rose up from the ashes of the old Greenpeace Cybercentre.

As a parting note in the forum page the Web Team of Greenpeace International invited the forum members to continue their sojourn with Greenpeace by venturing to new horizons that have been opened up with the advent of Web 2.0

I’m pretty sure that I am not the one who feels heavyhearted with the closure of Louder Than Words, but it is with these endings that one also experiences the joy of rebirth which I believe is already happening with the volume of interaction that me and Jen here in the Philippine web team experience everytime we log on the internet.

The continuing struggle for the planet’s survival from the impending threat of climate change and a host of other menaces goes on even if one of the avenues upon which we take action ends its tour of duty. Hopefully, those of you who’ve been a part of the Louder Than Words community will join us on our

facebook | multiply | friendster | myspace | youtube

accounts or to sign up as an online activist and take action for a greener and peaceful future. Or better yet join the new unofficial community for Greenpeace cyberactivists.

Chuck Baclagon

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