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So long Susan by Chuck Baclagon
June 17, 2009, 7:07 am
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From Making Waves

The final installment of a trilogy is out today. The last of the three Reasons to Believe films narrated by the charming and talented Ms Susan Sarandon has been released – ‘Reasons to Believe: Servers‘. These films give us three out of an endless list of reasons to believe that an Energy [R]evolution is possible and necessary to change our energy habits and reduce emissions contributing to climate change.

Just today the US government released an official report – ‘Global Climate Change Impacts in the United State‘ – declaring that climate change is already affecting America. This quote from the NY Times makes it clear why we need to act now to change our energy habits:

“What we would want to have people take away is that climate change is happening now, and it’s actually beginning to affect our lives,” said Thomas R. Karl, director of the National Climatic Data Center at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and a principal author of the report. “It’s not just happening in the Arctic regions, but it’s beginning to show up in our own backyards.”

So often climate change impacts are discussed in the future tense, as something that we will have to deal with later. But they are happening now. Let Susan convince you that an Energy [R]evolution is possible. Watch all three films now. And with the third video released, we’ll be saying so long to Susan for now. (Just so long, not goodbye.)

Laura K

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