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Some thoughts on lobbying… by Chuck Baclagon

Yesterday I went to Congress with other volunteers to help our campaigners lobby at Congress.

The plan was simple we would go from door to door to every signle lawmaker’s office, and give them the information pack that has all the materials that we’ve produced to substantiate our argument against nukes, along with the names of those who signed our weeklong online petition.

But what seemed like a simple activity of delivering documents to the congressmen’s offices took the whole afternoon as we have to go through a very complicated security protocol about allowing people to lobby.

To cut the long story short…after a difficult start we were finally able to give them our information packs. Now its up to our lawmakers if they would choose intelligently and heed the voice of reason and not to mention the 5,000 people who voiced their opposition to nukes or if they would choose to follow the path of nukes.

On hindsight it makes me think that somehow the reason why so many laws that doesn’t make sense get passed into legislature is partly because of the fact that it’s really difficult for ordinary folk to raise questions and not to mention oppose or at the very least give input on pending bills in congress.

Who knows?

Maybe that’s the whole reason why the plans to revive the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant almost went into law without it ever being challenged.

Chuck Baclagon

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what happened? how’s the lobby work?

Comment by joan

Wala naman everything went ahead just fine except for the inconvenience of getting inside which I think is normal especially in facilities like the Philippine Congress.

Comment by Chuck Baclagon

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