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Greenpeace “Energy Revolution Bike Ride” concludes with a call to Congress to reject Nuclear energy by Chuck Baclagon

The bike ride that began in the far flung town of Morong, Bataan concludes with thousands of concerned Filipinos sending a clear message to the House of Representatives to reject any proposal for nuclear power in the country and instead enable massive uptake of renewable energy.

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By Renewables you mean solar and wind. Winds stop and the sun goes down.

Nuclear power is the only way to supply the power needed for the Philippines without creating massive greenhouse gasses. Have you talked to Philip Brand lately?

Poverty comes from using partial expensive solutions rather than building the sound infrastructure needed to make the Philippines strong.

Comment by David

Windmills produce NOISE. Who would want to live near them?

Solar panels? How much energy can they produce and are they really green? How long does it take to recoup the cost of manufacturing and installing them? And what chemicals are used to make them?

Comment by Helenco

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