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A Hope from Beijing to Stop Indonesia Forest Destruction by Chuck Baclagon
May 25, 2009, 6:59 am
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Bustar Maitar, Forest Campaigner for Indonesia

Bustar Maitar, Forest Campaigner for Indonesia

China, the country that just held the most spectacular Olympic Games in History, and country with large new economy power. With almost two billion people, China is the most important market for Indonesia. Couple years ago we heard that China was a large receiver of woods that came from illegal logging activities in Papua Forests.

At this present time, China is the second largest consumer of Indonesian palm oil after India. Logging and expansion of palm oil plantation are the most significant factor of Indonesian Deforestation. Thereby, China can play a significant role in stopping Indonesia Deforestation.

I’ve been in Beijing –China capital city– for two days, in order to give more information about deforestation to corporations and people of China. As consumers, they have to acknowledge about Indonesia forest destruction by Palm Oil corporations. China palm oil demand is getting higher and higher, not for just daily consumption, but also being reprocess into several form of products, that afterwards being exported to USA, Europe, and Indonesia.

The decrease of pig oil consumption because of Pig Flu disease also make palm oil demand highly increase. Comparing to other oil, palm oil has more competitive price.

On my way to China, I was reading a local newspaper. The headline said: “Chinese Government is taking a big step to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 40 percent in 2020.” For me, it’s a great news. But what Chinese Government really should do is stop palm oil consumption from a forest destructive palm oil corporation, like the ones in Indonesia. I really hope that this campaign trip can build the undestanding in China people of how importance their consumption behaviour to stop further deforestation in Indonesia.

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