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Energy Revolution Bike Ride: Day 2 by Chuck Baclagon
One of the bikers talking about the Bike Ride in San Fernando, Pampanga

One of the bikers talking about the Bike Ride to kids in San Fernando, Pampanga

After repeatedly hearing Heber Bartolome’s ‘Payag ka ba?‘ for the nth time during the bike ride its easy to think that being part of the movement against nukes means enlisting to a perpetual battle of putting the nuclear threat kept at bay.

But what seems like a perpetual defensive on the dangers of nukes is actually a misnomer, because one needs not only to look at the issue of nuclear power from the vantage point of someone who wants it to be stopped. I mean yes, it needs to be stopped,  because it is an unacceptable risk to the environment and to humanity. The only solution is to halt the expansion of all nuclear power, and for the shutdown of existing plants.

While at the same time I believe that the issue highlighted with the buzz of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, also gives us a glimpse of the opportunity that is readily available to us if we would only just stop and think about it.

Riding bikes with flags that read: “no nukes” sounds the alarms for all of us to stand against nukes. While gathering

Gathering petitions

Gathering petitions

petitions in a sense serves as a starting point for people to get involved in the debate of nuclear power and renewable energy.

I’m not sure if it was Dennis Kucinich, who said: “It is time for a sustainable energy policy which puts consumers, the environment, human health, and peace first.”

Looking at the issue on a global scale it is easy to think that riding bikes with flaglets engaging rural folk to support renewable energy is minuscule. Well, all I can say is that it is better than doing nothing.

Chuck Baclagon

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According to GMA7, the proponents for completing the Morong Bataan Nuclear Power Power have completely abandoned their position. I wrote to Pres. Aquino that this unfinished non-functioning structure be made into a tourist site. It can be refurbished as if it is operational with idea of educating the tourists, the advantages and disadvantages. This might be the first nuclear power plant that is a tourist spot. Go for it !

Comment by MannyHM

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