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Does signing a petition still make a difference? by Chuck Baclagon

Click here to take action!

Click here to take action!

I’ve spent the whole day asking people to sign petition against nukes and the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

In the duration of the day I could hardly count the number of times I’ve answered this question: Does signing a petition still make a difference?

If you ask me, my unanimous answer is yes. Because I believe that online activism works. Because online petitions provide an easy opportunity for people to make a stand. Provided of course that the petitions do get delivered to where they’re supposed to be sent…and here at Greenpeace we make sure that the message gets sent. B

Ive seen online activism stop a nuclear reprocessing plant in Japan. I’ve seen it spur Apple to commit to phase out toxic chemicals. I’ve seen it turn the tourist industry in Iceland into an ally in the fight to save whales. I’ve seen it drive Dove to the negotiating table over their use of rainforest-destroying palm oil in their products. I’ve seen it drive the government in Argentina to pass a law protecting their forests. There simply isn’t any doubt: online activism works.

So if you are having doubts about signing the petition because it won’t get sent I tell you we will make sure the message will go directly to the halls of the powers that be in the Philippine Congress.

If you want to tell Congress that you don’t want nuclear power sign in and we’ll make sure your message is delivered.

Your voice and those of your family, friends and colleagues will count!

Click here to sign up

Chuck Baclagon

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