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If only it was as simple as Facebook… by Chuck Baclagon
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A week ago we started posting apropos of the BNPP revival on our  Facebook profile and yesterday, we thought that it is timely to pose this question: “If ever the Philippines pushes through with a nuclear program, do you think the Philippine government will be able to properly respond in the event of a nuclear disaster?” responses from people came really quick.

The content of the comments showed how greatly stressed people are (at least the ones who are not yet resigned on preventing the BNPP from being operated) at the idea of pushing through a nuclear program here in the Philippines. Some comments also show some sock puppets who are willing to risk everybody’s life on a defective nuclear power plant just so they will not experience brownouts on April.

Majority of the respondents posted NO for an answer, which I think is overwhelming because it gives us a hint (yeah just a hint) that there are a lot of people who are not sold to the lies brought about by pro-nuclear advocates. That being said, my attention was drawn to this comment:

“HELL NO! They can’t even respond to simpler disasters (as compared to nuclear disasters). The government should first look at the worst case scenario before jumping into said projects.”

I certainly give this comment more than a thumbs up. You see, the government could not even properly respond to disasters happened in the past such as last year’s shipping accident, the oil spill in Guimaras, so on and so forth, and now they seem to be toying with a giant disaster.

For the moment I would like to mention this comment from the same thread:

“let it be, i mean no harm done we need the power for now. …as for the nuclear disaster we’re already living in a toxic cesspool …no harm done right? either that or I’m just cynical O_O”

That’s a bit of a calloused attitude if I ever seen one. Who would want to invest a boatload of taxpayer money into a faulty energy source? Best spend it on solar, wind and other technologies that don’t carry the danger of radioactive wastes for hundreds of thousands of years. There is no time to sit around and be cynical about this, there’s just to much work to do.

How many more dire warnings and disasters will it take before our government start the energy revolution needed to avert climate catastrophes? Are we suppose to just resign on the fact that it seems to be irreversible and just go on with a junk nuclear power plant just because we’re already living in toxic cesspool as the comment mentioned above says?  Hell no.

Think about this: If these 200+ congressmen (who supports the BNPP revival) become victorious to operationalize the nuclear power plant, Filipinos are at present marching, with eyes wide open, towards disaster.

So there…

Jenny Tuazon

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As response from my e-mail to Rep Zubiri III to NO to BNPP here is his response from his legaslative officer: Thank You Rep Zubiri and his Staff

Dear Mr. Bernardino,

Thank you for your email and in expressing your views regarding this topic. However, there must be some mistake since Representative Jose F. Zubiri III is against the construction or use of nuclear power plants primarily due to safety reasons. As such, he has not signed any document or measure supporting such a move.

Thank you very much.


Wryl Sanchez
Legislative Officer
Office of Representative Jose F. Zubiri III

Comment by Bernardino

Hi bernardino,
Thanks for posting this we also got that email from Wryl Sanchez we have already apologized to Cong. Zubiro III on the matter and have already removed him from the list of congressmen that need to be emailed.
Anyways we’re going to bring your message against nukes to Congress, you can write your own by signing the petition on this link


Comment by Chuck Baclagon // popular today…

story has entered the popular today section on…

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Way to bash a person’s bias and they lay down your own as perfect truth. You nullified any chance of being taken seriously. Get your head out of your ass so you can open your eyes to the rest of the world.

Comment by use your barin

Hello Brain,
Thanks for the very innovative way to show your bias against us we really appreciate it 😉 However, I would like to state clearly that the very fact that your comment was not deleted and in fact given the time to be answered is already a proof that we are not laying down our own as what you call as ‘perfect truth.’ Also we do not claim to have a monopoly of the truth, we are plainly stating facts and are quoting actual people who’ve posted comments on Greenpeace’s Facebook profile, if you disagree with us fine its ok. But at the very least disagree with us with in a manner that at the very least is civil the rest of the world doesn’t like profanity.
As for nukes please do a google search and read all the comes in the results you’d be surprised with what the rest of the world thinks about nukes 😉

Comment by Chuck Baclagon

For Barin:

cease your blabbering… did you forgot Chernobyl? Russia a highly developed country and yet a worst nuclear disaster happened…Philippines a small country with limited resources to respond to even mundane disasters plus the higher risks of human error NO WAY this BNPP will prosper.find your facts straight and prove your point with suffice truth and details.

Comment by sylvia torres villalobos

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