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Choosing life over debt by Chuck Baclagon
April 14, 2009, 7:49 am
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Yesterday afternoon, various faith-based groups, social movements and communities see their opposition to Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, as an act of “choosing life over debt”. The church groups also said that the campaign against BNPP is now the shared responsibility of all people of faith and goodwill.
Organized by the Faith-Based Congress Against Immoral Debts (FCAID), a broad formation of different church and religious groups against immoral debts, the kite-flying event dubbed as the “ Collective Ascension of Kites Against the BNPP” reflects the renewal of collective hope as we celebrate the message of Easter. It promises to be the biggest gathering so far of different faith-based, social movements and coalitions against BNPP.

“While we collectively commemorate Easter, we also manifest the Filipino people’s struggle to ascend from the evil consequences of operating the BNPP, which will push the country and the people deeper into the vicious debt and underdevelopment trap”. - Fr. Ben Moraleda of FCAID

We here at Greenpeace are in solidarity with the religious sector in this initiative, we hope that through this activity, a strong message will be sent to the legislators that the people are closely watching them, and that the faith-based sector is making its intervention concerning the BNPP’s operation.

Click here to read more about the event

Chuck Baclagon

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