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ASEAN+3: Not for Nukes, $ for Renewables – Climate Action Now by Chuck Baclagon
April 14, 2009, 7:28 am
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From Nuclear Reaction

Greenpeace activists gathered outside the main gate of the ASEAN+3 Summit venue in Thailand. They were there to highlight that it’s time for the government leaders meeting at the summit turn the current financial crisis into an opportunity for addressing runaway climate change. They can ensure the economic stimulus package being proposed for the region goes into the development and deployment of clean renewable energy systems that can also create thousands of sustainable jobs in the region.

With talk of re-commissioning the Bataan nuclear power plant in the Philippines still circulating and the governments of Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam also expressing their intention to build nuclear power plants, now is also the time for the ASEAN leaders to realise that they cannot and should not waste money on the importing of costly and dangerous nuclear reactors.

As if we needed to repeat it, the costs of new reactors worldwide have rocketed to three times as much as the nuclear industry was promising only five years ago. The French EPR reactors under construction in Europe are already massively over budget, years behind schedule and riddled with thousands of defects.

Expensive, late, and unreliable. Not words you want to hear when it comes to fighting climate change.

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