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Have a climate-friendly summer by Chuck Baclagon

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Summer has come and for most this would mean taking time-off  to relax and unwind, and for most Filipinos this means going to Boracay for some sun and sand.

Here at Greenpeace we are stepping up our “Save the Climate, Save Boracay” campaign to target holiday-goers bound for Boracay this summer break with an intensive tourist awareness project to make island, one of the country’s top tourist spots, into a climate-friendly destination.

As part of this advocacy we enlisted the help of celebrities Angel Aquino and Richard Gutierrez.

Below is Angel Aquino’s AVP for Save the Climate, Save Boracay.

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Green Coalition Promotes Low Carbon Holy Week to Save Climate

A group working on climate action and justice today implored all Christian Filipinos to mark the Holy Week with a willful embrace of low carbon lifestyles for the good of Mother Nature. Carbon dioxide is the main pollutant that is warming the earth.

Recently the Ecowaste Coalition which is a network of non-government and public interest groups promoting ecological waste solutions to achieve Zero Waste Goals has also released a call for a low-carbon Lent.

The Coalition listed several ways to simplify, slow things down, lessen use of fossil fuels and subsequently decrease carbon dioxide emissions from Holy Week activities.

1. Aim for Zero Waste as you carry out your plans for Lent and Easter, ensuring that waste is prevented and kept to the minimum at all times through creative reuse, recycling or composting.

2. Target reduced car use during the Holy Week and give the planet a breather; walk, cycle or go by bus or jeepney to your destination, especially for the traditional “Visita Iglesia” on Maundy Thursday.

3. If you are using your car, ensure the engine is well-tuned and the tires properly inflated, remove unneeded stuff from the trunk, do not overload, observe correct driving habits, and plan for your trips for a cleaner, climate-friendly drive.

4. Abstain from expensive, high carbon holiday spree and consider sharing the money saved as your Lenten offering to the “Pondo ng Pinoy,” Caritas Pilipinas or to your favorite charities.

5. Keep the park, beach and recreational spots free of plastic bags, cigarette butts, food leftovers and other litter. Be mindful of the eco-creed “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.”

6. Cut back on plastic bags by bringing a few reusable bags for “pasalubong” (homecoming treats) and souvenirs from out of town pilgrimage and visits.

7. Save trees by keeping a handkerchief or towel with you to limit use of disposable tissue papers, especially when you meditate on the Stations of the Cross in the grotto under the sun.

8. Bring your own reusable water jug to avoid having to purchase water in plastic bottles as you carry out your spiritual or leisure schedule.

9. Prioritize and use reusable and recyclable materials over single use, “throw away” ones for all activities being planned during the Holy Week.

10. Keep all Holy Week events, rituals and vows simple on the outside, but profound and caring within.

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Chuck Baclagon

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hi! this is a nice avp. I’ll be posting this too in my blog tonight. Thanks!

Comment by Insider

Those are some good tips. A few members of Green Peace where outside my school telling us things like this that we can do to reduce waste. I agree with cutting pack on paper waste. I’ve found that having a Sham Wow instead of paper towels really helps reduce waste and it works much better too!

Comment by Reusable Towel

Glad you found it useful =)

Comment by Chuck Baclagon

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