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Heroism by Chuck Baclagon
April 6, 2009, 6:23 am
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A Greenpeace volunteer engage the youth in signing up as cyberactivists at the launched of the comic book "Nuclear Meltdown" last April 03 on the first day of Ozine Fest one of the biggest anime convention in the country.

18 years ago I bought a DC Comic book with a storyline entitled: Armageddon 2001, which is basically about a nasty villain named Monarch who was an oppressive tyrant from a bleak, dystopian Earth fifty years in the future. Unhappy with his rule, a particular scientist named Matthew Ryder, an expert on temporal studies,  was convinced he could use his technology to travel back in time and prevent the maniacal ruler from ever coming to power. He learned that forty years ago, one of Earth’s heroes would eventually turn evil and become Monarch, and ten years from that he would conquer the world.

Ryder traveled back to the DC Comics Universe equivalent of 1991; Ryder was determined to find out who the Monarch really was and, if possible, kill him before he could rise to power. As he travelled through the rift, his body mutated into a form of living temporal energy, and upon arriving at his destination, he took the name Waverider.

Waverider used his abilities to peer into several possible futures of different members of the Justice League (along with several other characters), and was finally able to pinpoint exactly who would eventually become Monarch thus changing the future.

Changing the future

Francis Dela Cruz, public coordinator of Greenpeace, challenges the youth at the Ozinefest to change the future

Francis Dela Cruz, public coordinator of Greenpeace, challenges the youth at the Ozine Fest to change the future

I was reminded of this story when I first read,  Nuclear Meltdown: A message from the darkness, an advocacy comic book about the perils of nuclear power and how the youth can make a difference in making the world a better place.

The idea of changing the future is actually not as far-fetch as it is presented in sci-fi literature, in fact it is something that we actually are already in the process of doing as we live our lives, making decisions and living in accordance to those decisions that ultimately determines what the future will ultimately become.

That being said, we are now in a crucial period in history as the world is faced with the danger of catastrophic climate change and the sudden nuclear renaissance, and it is a time again for heroes to rise up to challenge the status quo of apathy in the midst of such global threats.

Now is a time for heroes
As of this writing I am alone in the office right now, since today is a national holiday in the Philippines as it is the Day of

Click here to sign up as a Greenpeace cyberactivist!

Click here to sign up as a Greenpeace cyberactivist!

Valor (“Araw ng Kagitingan” in Filipino) commemorating the fall of Bataan during World War II, celebrated as a day of reverence to those who showed valor in the time of war.

A day for -heroes.

Benjamin Disraeli once said: “The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.” As heroes capture our imagination whether it be of the superhuman comic book type or that of the ordinary man heroism is not something that is inconsequential, as what most of us would like to believe it is, perhaps the seed of environmental heroism planted to the youths who’ve read Nuclear Meltdown and who got acquainted with environmental activism at our booth in last week’s Ozine Fest will eventually bloom with the fulfillment of a green and peaceful world of the future.

Click here to view more pictures from the Ozine Fest

Chuck Baclagon

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