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Patrick Moore on nuclear safety by Chuck Baclagon
March 19, 2009, 7:38 am
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Patrick Moore at the Rockland Business Associations annual meeting

Patrick Moore at the Rockland Business Association's annual meeting

Lobbyists and proponents of the biotechnology, logging and nuclear industries have always cited Patrick Moore, as an example of an environmental activist who has seen ‘the light’.’

Recently Congressman Mark Cojuangco has been quoting Moore, on the issue of nukes and I was wondering if had he not been formerly a part of Greenpeace would his opinion on the issue still count?

I recently stumbled upon this quote from Patrick Moore:

Nuclear power plants are, next to nuclear warheads themselves, the most dangerous devices that man has ever created. Their construction and proliferation is the most irresponsible, in fact the most criminal, act ever to have taken place on this planet.

Patrick Moore, Assault on Future Generations, 1976

Looking at it now, I can’t  help but wonder – did nuclear power all of a sudden become safe? Or is Patrick Moore a liar?

Chuck Baclagon

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How about, Patrick Moore grew up, learned a little about reactors and nuclear safety, and changed his mind. Of course, that view would be unacceptable to Greenpeace and its followers.

Comment by Charles Barton

Yes true that he changed his mind so now he serves as an apologists for the environmentally destructive he once fought. To quote Dr. Leonie Jacobs of the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands:

“Dr. Patrick Moore may be a good marine biologist and a former founder of Greenpeace but he is presently paid by the timber industry to deliberately mislead the public and politicians about the acceptability of aggressive logging practices.”

Comment by Chuck Baclagon

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