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Welcome by Chuck Baclagon
January 14, 2009, 5:45 am
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We’ve finally managed to put this together!

The blog that’s flickering in your computer screen right now is but a product of almost 3-years’ worth of stand alone campaign blogs and missed opportunities.

You see back when Greenpeace Southeast Asia (GPSEA), started its new media in 2005 blogging was still quite in its infancy and the entire Greenpeace world was still struggling with the whole concept of Web 2.0 so we opted to instead make campaign specific weblogs as in one for a ship tour, one for a campaign push which eventually piled up into a host of un-updated blogs with titles like: Cool My Planet, Stand up for you rice, Quit Coal, etc. It seemed like such a waste to discard old blogs, after all in their own little way they carved their special place in the history of GPSEA and its work.
Another reason why this blog was created was in order for us to rectify our missed opportunities to tell the story of people in GPSEA. God knows how many times we should have tell the tale of the many things that has happened behind the scenes in our work, of the nameless supporters, volunteers, fundraisers and activists who risked their lives, limb and liberty in order to advance our cause. I’ve often regretted to have not spoken of that I write about the numerous stuff that we did that doesn’t necessarily fall under our core business that is: direct action. (Imagine if Greenpeace founder Bob Hunter opted not to tell the tale of their voyage to Amchitka.)

“There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth, only crew”

Marshall McLuhan

It seems that I have always let my work get in the way…

I seem to have forgotten the true nature of my job, I have compartmentalize myself by putting priority mostly on tasks that are listed in my job description. Well, no more the dichotomy of work and life must somehow come to a blur here. After all, the task of working for a greener and peaceful future is a matter of life, and that is what we hope to share to you in this blog: our lives as sojourners in an expedition to save the world.

We invite you to join us.

– Chuck Baclagon

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