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Day two at Climate Defenders Camp, Bgy Ingore, Iloilo City by Chuck Baclagon

Greenpeace yesterday established their Climate Defenders Camp at the exact site of a proposed coal-fired power plant in Barangay Ingore, Iloilo City. The camp consists of a tower and tents on a seaside area that was previously used for fish ponds but now allocated for the said coal plant. Banners with messages saying ‘Quit Coal, Save the Climate’ and ‘Coal causes Climate Change’ are hung around the camp, located a few kilometers away from the center of the city. Since yesterday, Greenpeace activists who are staying in the camp have been transmitting messages and images of the protest to a global audience and seek support to stop the proposed coal-fired power plant. The activists are joined by local volunteers, representatives from RISE (Responsible Ilonggos for Sustainable Energy), and crew from the organization’s flagship Rainbow Warrior, currently in the Philippines for its ‘Quit Coal – Save the Climate’ ship tour. The Rainbow Warrior is anchored near the Climate Defenders Camp, providing support to Greenpeace volunteers on the ground.

Greenpeace has set up a camp in the coal plant site to step up the public opposition to the proposed coal plant. The camp is meant to be a hub for local communities and groups who are against the plant. The camp serves as a center for their public awareness campaigns about the ill effects of coal-fired power plants, climate change and its dangerous impacts, and solutions such as RE and EE.

The construction of the camp yesterday, as well as the set up of the Greenpeace-Solar Generation Solar Café at Bgy. Ingore has caught the attention of the coal-fired power plant proponents Panay Power Corporation and Global Business Power Corporation (a subsidiary of Metrobank), who would like to see the camp dismantled.

This morning, a police checkpoint is preventing media, pro-environment supporters, students, bikers and the Solar Café team from entering Bgy Ingore.

Beau Baconguis

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