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So we wait again…. by Chuck Baclagon
May 24, 2008, 7:27 am
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I wanted to write for this blog last night but our night turned into dawn because of developments near the port of the Pagbilao Coal Plant where the Rainbow Warrior is anchored.

Company representatives came onboard and asked to talk to us about their operations. As we were ending the discussion, the plant manager (who said his name was irrelevant to the conversation when I asked his name) told the Captain something like, “A wise man understands the law” but the Captain retorted with a one-two punch (figuratively) and with a smile said, “And an ignorant man hides behind them”. Applause!!!!! As we know not all laws are fair that is why we are advocates. We find something wrong in the law, that’s why we work to change them. We thought that was the end of it for the day.

Then, at 10 PM last night, the Coast Guards arrived asking the Captain to receive a letter saying the Warrior was violating Philippine laws by anchoring near the port and that we could be removed and arrested if we don’t move the ship.

We are still here and we are now on our second day in Pagbilao. This morning, we were able to paint a ship on anchor outside the Pagbilao port carrying coal with the message “Quit Coal”. It’s late afternoon and we’re still waiting… Waiting for government to respond to our demands that (1) there should be no more construction or expansion of coal plants in the country; (2) increase investments in renewable energy; and (3) inclusion of CO2 emissions in the EIA system.

So we wait again….

Beau Baconguis

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